Prepayment planning

Families today are spread across the globe. Parents often worry about siblings attending to their financial affairs when they are not local.  More people are moving to retirement homes or into residential care facilities. Pre-payment of funeral expenses is an option where one can deposit up to $10,000.00 into a pre-pay funeral account which is not considered an ‘asset’ for Residential Care Subsidy Asset Testing purposes. Pre-pay funeral funds are held in the Waikanae Funeral Home Client Funds Trust Account.

Pre-arrangement planning

While some prefer not to talk about death, discussing and recording your funeral requests help those who are left to ensure your wishes are carried out. We can record your choices which are kept on our confidential files. We recommend you tell your family that you have made some pre-arrangements with us. To assist with the information required to register a death, click on the form below.

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