Cremation Options

If your loved one’s wishes are to be cremated there is the added question or choice of what to do with their ashes once they are returned from the crematorium. There are options to scatter, inter or hold on to them for a time at home. We are also able to look after them here at the funeral home until such time as you and the rest of the family have made a decision.

As part of our role as funeral directors, we fulfil two services. Firstly taking care of the legal requirements relating to the death, and secondly, carrying out the family’s wishes.

While the service part of a funeral can be the same for burial or cremation, it is important that the deceased gets the send-off they always wished for. In most cases this is made clear in a will or the family has had prior discussions. If you are unsure discuss the options available with our staff to help make that decision.

Always Remembered

At Waikanae Funeral Home, we provide exceptional care to make difficult occasions easier for families and their loved ones. From our purpose-built facilities, we believe we can offer you a personalised funeral service and celebration for your loved one. We ensure that all of the service providers we deal with also strive for excellence in all that they do.

Planning For A Cremation

When you first get in touch with our friendly team, we will discuss the various options and choices available. If you’re unsure about whether cremation is the best option for your loved one, we can go through the various other choices we have for funerals as well. If you decide that cremation is the best choice, we can then carry out all the planning and preparations for you.

What Happens After The Cremation?

Your loved one’s ashes will be returned to the funeral home within a few days following the cremation. At that point your funeral director will contact you to advise where they are and discuss what you would like to do next. There is no hurry to make a decision and your funeral director will be happy to guide you through the next steps at your own pace. If you would like to choose a new urn for the ashes or have them divided among family members, we can arrange that for you. Whatever your choice we will ensure your wishes are carried out and the process is as seamless as possible.