There are many ways to personalise a funeral service to ensure a true celebration of your loved one. At Waikanae Funeral Home we truly believe in the essence of ceremony and creating a genuine reflection of the person who has died though the different aspects of the funeral service.

Here are a few examples of ways to make sure the funeral service truly reflects the spirit and character of the person we are honouring but this list is by no means endless, your experienced funeral director will be able to guide you through the many options available.

Minister or Celebrant

It is often helpful to have someone who leads and officiates the service whether that be clergy or celebrant, it is entirely up to the individual. The celebrant will meet with you separately to discuss your requirements and be there to advise on what should be included in the service to make it a special and personalised farewell. At Waikanae Funeral Home we will make every effort to make sure the celebrant or minister we choose is the most suitable match for your family.


Waikanae Funeral Home are proud to be able to offer a choice of hearses for your loved ones’ final journey. Our favourite is a vintage 1927 Chrysler which has been lovingly restored and repowered to be fit for purpose for an honorary farewell. Your funeral director will be able to show you the cars available to choose from.

Service Sheets

An accompanying service sheet outlining the details of the funeral service can be a lovely lasting memorial. Our talented staff can produce beautiful, personalised service sheets which can include photographs and also words to any hymns, prayers or readings that may have been chosen and any other details specific to your requirements.

The following may be required for the service sheets:

  • A high quality photo for the front cover
  • 1-4 photos for the back cover if desired
  • The order of the service for the day (usually confirmed when you meet with the celebrant or minister)
  • Names of people to be included e.g. readers, pallbearers etc.
  • A style or theme for the service sheet e.g. a favourite colour, flower or hobby

Flowers & Symbols

Bouquets or arrangements for the casket are very popular and can be a wonderful expression of sympathy and affection. As a final farewell we can also arrange petals or rosemary to place on the casket at the end of the service. Using a carefully chosen symbol can also be a way of personalising the service and represent the life of the person you are honouring.

Some examples of these are:

  • A country flag, which can be particularly significant for service people
  • Candles which are a universally recognised symbol of hope Academic or community awards
  • Sporting memorabilia such as a beloved rugby supporters’ shirt
  • Arts, crafts and hobbies for example a cross stitch or hiking boots depending on what the person enjoyed
  • Golf tees

Your funeral director will be able to talk you through the various options that are the most poignant for your family

Live Streaming

We can offer a live stream of services held at Cedarwood for any friends or family members who are unable to attend the funeral which can be viewed online all over the world. If the service is held at another venue we can also arrange for a live stream and recording to be done by a media professional.

As part of this service, the family will also be given a recorded copy of the funeral as a permanent keepsake of the day.


Music can often be a powerful expression of emotion in a way that words can not. There are a number of ways to include music into the service as an act of remembrance from traditional hymns to the most current of mainstream hits.

We can also arrange an organist, piper or singer if that fits your requirements. Please ask your funeral director to explain what options are available at your chosen location

Photographic Presentations

A collection of photos along with a favourite piece of music can be a beautiful and powerful visual tribute at the service for a life well lived. Your experienced funeral director will be able to put together something in line with your specific wishes.

The following may be required for a photo tribute:

  • We recommend around 60 photos
  • 1-2 songs

There are many ways you can provide us with photographs. If digital they can be emailed, uploaded to a web based sharing platform such as Dropbox or shared from a phone. We can also scan in any physical photos that you may have.

There is also still value in having physical photos in the lounge after the service, for example pinned to a corkboard. Having those photos placed around as people are chatting and reminiscing can evoke different memories for different people and lead to more stories being shared. We have corkboards and easels available to use if required.


If you would like to have refreshments after the service Waikanae Funeral Home can arrange this for you. We have professional caterers on standby who can provide a delicious morning or afternoon tea for you and your family and friends to continue sharing memories. Our caterers can of course accommodate dietary requirements to suit your needs and they could even provide something special to remind you of your loved one. Your funeral director will talk through the options with you.

We will need to ask for numbers for catering which can be extremely hard to estimate. However, if the number that you initially give us needs to be changed we can do so up until the day before the service.

Memorial Books

A personalised book containing photographs, details of the service, obituary notes and any pages signed by people attending the funeral is another service that we can offer our families. These are a wonderful lasting tribute for your loved one and can be tailored to suit your specific requirements which your funeral director will be only too happy to discuss with you.