Burial Options

Traditionally, burials were the most common choice and are still popular today. A grave is a special place where families can return to pay their respects. If burial is your preferred option, keep in mind there will be a cost for purchasing a plot, along with preparation and maintenance costs.

People can only be buried in a registered burial site as designated by New Zealand law. Natural and eco-burial sites are a growing trend in New Zealand. These sites are limited and have some criteria around how you can be buried. Our staff can advise you further if this is an option you wish to investigate. Our local natural burial sites are in the Makara Cemetery, Wellington and the Otaki Cemetery.

One thing to consider when opting for a burial is whether you would like a memorial plaque or a headstone. This will determine the plot that is allocated to your family by the local council and will be a question discussed with your funeral director during the arrangement. Deciding on the details for the memorial can happen at a much later date.

Commemoration Options

At Waikanae Funeral Home, we understand the significance of commemorating a loved one. Whether you’re planning a burial or contemplating the interment of ashes at a later date, you might want to explore the possibility of a headstone or plaque. We offer an extensive selection of headstone and plaque options and are fully equipped to handle all related arrangements, including production and installation. We want you to feel comfortable in knowing that there is no immediate need to make a decision about a plaque or headstone during the planning phase. We’re here to support you for as long as you require, and our assistance extends well beyond the funeral service itself.

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