Funeral costs

Waikanae Funeral Home understands that this can be a difficult time for families and the financial burden that can be placed on families.

It should be noted that no two funerals are the same and the costs associated reflect on the choices made.

While we have given below some idea of the types of funerals that families require, It is best to arrange a visit to our offices and discuss your requirements more fully to arrive at a more accurate cost.

Covid19 has brought a number of health and safety restrictions imposed by the New Zealand Government and the Ministry of Health. This has impacted on the number of attendees at services, what we can provide, and the duration of services. To assist families in the best possible way please advise our Funeral Directors of your wishes so they can best advise.

No service funeral

This arrangement is not attended by any family member and is completed at the earliest convenient time by Funeral Home personnel.

Transfer the deceased from the place of death on the Kapiti Coast (24 hours), obtain all relevant documentation, supply a no service casket, Register the death with the office of Birth Deaths and marriage, supply a New Zealand Certificate of Death for the estate.

Cremation – from $5838.00 Inc GST (conditions apply)

Burial –  from $8567.00 Inc GST (Includes a white cross grave marker)

(Natural burials incur additional cost)

Private funeral

A private funeral is often held for a limited number of family members and close friends only with a newspaper notice after the event. It is not limited to either burial or cremation and can be as simple as the family viewing the deceased or spending some time with a loved one to say their goodbyes at our funeral home or at our Kaitawa Crematorium chapel.

Costs will vary as to the requirements but can start from $7018.00 + Casket chosen and other additional disbursements.

Public funeral

A public funeral may be held in our spacious award-winning, architecturally designed Cedarwood facilities, or in any church, family home, or other location of the family’s choice. (Waikanae Funeral Home is not restricted where we conduct funerals.) The expected number of attendees will dictate the location of choice and whether this should be a Religious, Semi Religious or Non-Religious service.

Costs will vary depending on requirements and personal choices made but can start from $9358 including a casket.

Memorial plaques, headstones and disbursements such as newspaper notices, catering and flowers are in addition to all of the above.

Costs valid until 30th June 2024