New Caskets

Why do we need a casket?

We have a body to care for and a journey to make. The journey is both physical and emotional and the casket helps us in both of these scenarios. Physically we can deliver your loved one to the chapel or place of service with dignity. Emotionally, a casket is a symbol for us to help come to terms with our loved ones passing.

The casket is our final gift to our loved one and can be chosen to reflect their unique personality. This page gives an overview of our range but we do strongly recommend, if you can, that you come and visit our funeral home to see them on display.

The Tararua

Flat Lid

Raised Lid

The Shetland

Flat Lid

Raised Lid

The Clear Pine

Flat Lid

Raised Lid

The Whitewash

Based on the Tararua design with wooden handles Available with flat or raised lid

The Bar Handle

The bar handle is available as standard on both the clear pine and whitewash caskets. It allows for more than 6 pall bearers, and is a popular choice for including children in the ceremony of carrying the casket on it's journey.

The Ohau

Available with sliver or black handles

The Painted

Another option is to have a painted casket using any colour from the Resene colour chart to reflect your loved one's personality. It can come with a raised or flat lid; silver, black or wooden handles.

The Wicker

The Dorset

Recycled rimu with wooden handles

The Settler

Natural pine with 6 rope handles If raw pine is your choice but the rope handles aren't talk to your funeral director about either a bar handle or wooden handles.

The Shed

Complete with matching handles

The Kilkenny

Complete with matching handles