The funeral

From the initial arrangements to the funeral service itself, at Waikanae Funeral Home we give you peace of mind and lend a helping hand.

To create the perfect goodbye, we need to know your story. When we meet, we’ll discuss all aspects of the funeral process, tailoring it to what you want and provide your family with the opportunity to honour your loved one. Our funeral director will connect you with clergy or a suitable celebrant to discuss how your story will be told and will make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that the funeral runs smoothly. Our team are committed to delivering a positive experience every time.

Some things to think about


The Venue choice is often determined by a number of factors including the possible numbers attending, religious or cultural significance, the type of funeral, and the cost.

Floral tributes

Flowers often form part of a tribute on a casket. These can be a simple as a red rose or carnation, to a large floral tribute. Vegetable sprays (The gardener), natural flora (the hiker or bushman), hammers, tools, golf clubs, bowls, tennis rackets, photographs often are all features of a casket tribute. Share your creative thoughts and we will endeavour to assist.

Clergy / Celebrant

Your religious or cultural background will influence who the person to co-ordinate and lead the service should be.  We encourage family participation during the service, it’s your family farewell

Caskets and urns

The casket often reflects the life or individuality of your loved one. We have a large range of caskets available to choose from. From simple, to contempory, to eco – all made from sustainable timber.   We have a wide range of options to fit different budgets.


Embalming is a service provided ensure that family and friends will have safe access and a positive experience when viewing their loved one. Embalming at Waikanae Funeral Home is carried out by qualified embalmers in accordance with the New Zealand Embalmers Code of Ethics.

While embalming is not a legal requirement, you should consider the time between death and the service to allow family and friends from overseas or other parts of the country the opportunity to attend.  Some families prefer open casket viewing either at the funeral home or other location such as home or on a marae.

Embalming provides sanitisation of the body which renders micro-organisms harmless. This allows family to view and touch the body without risk to health.  It preserves all tissue which slows down the natural decomposition of the body, and allows for the presentation of the deceased in restful relaxed state.

Viewing of the deceased after death has shown to assist with the acceptance of death and the grieving process.

Memorial plaques and headstones record one’s life.

Every local council has bylaws as to size, height and width of all memorial stones permitted in their cemeteries. We can help you to craft your ideas into an attractive and lasting memorial. There is a wide selection of granite colours, shapes, and sizes to select from.

Our team install memorials in all cemeteries. Call our office for our brochure.