Our services

At Waikanae Funeral Home, we provide exceptional care to make difficult occasions easier for families and their loved ones.

From our purpose-built facilities, we believe we can offer you a personalised funeral service and celebration for your loved one.  We ensure that all of the service providers we deal with also strive for excellence in all that they do.

Our role

Dealing with the funeral arrangements after losing your loved one can be a very stressful event.

Our role is to ensure that this experience is as stress free as possible. We will support and guide you in creating a fitting and memorable farewell for your loved one that respects their individuality and enables your family to begin the grieving process.

When someone dies

Death in a rest home or hospital

Following a death in a rest home, hospital or hospice, the nursing staff will advise the Doctor of the death. The Doctor will issue a Medical Certificate of Death along with a Medical Practitioners Certificate for Cremation if the deceased is to be cremated. Nursing staff will also advise family members of the death. Often families take time to spend with the deceased before having us transfer the deceased to our care.  You may ask the rest home, hospice or hospital to call us to arrange the transfer to our facilities.

Death at home

The Doctor should be called as soon as possible to verify the death and issue the appropriate medical documents. The Doctor will issue a Medical Certificate as to Cause of Death and a Medical Practitioners Certificate for Cremation if required.  Once these documents are available we can transfer the deceased to our care at our funeral home. If the Doctor is not able to issue the Medical Certificate as to the Cause of Death due to the nature of the death or the cause of death is not obvious, the Doctor will refer the death to the Coroner.

The Coroner

The Coroner will investigate a death when a death is the result of an accident, or is unexplained.

The Doctor will contact the police to investigate further and advise the Coroner of their findings. Once the Coroner’s investigation is complete, the deceased is released to the family to continue with funeral arrangements. Early contact with Waikanae Funeral Home staff enables us to liaise with the Coroner for a release as soon as possible and to guide you through this process.