Funerals Under Covid 19 Restrictions

We are living with Government restrictions either being relaxed or changed daily and we will try and keep our information as up to date as possible.

As of 11:59 pm on 7th September 2021, all of New Zealand, with the exception of Auckland, will be in Level 2.

The latest update to Level 2 restrictions is that from 11:59 pm on Tuesday 21st September 2021 100 people are now allowed to attend funerals. We are required to keep a register of those people attending funerals in addition to displaying the QR code for people to scan in. 2-metre social distancing is also required for anyone not in your immediate bubble. For more information please contact your funeral director, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

These are still challenging times for family and friends. If you ever feel that you are not coping it is important to talk to a health professional.

For support, you can call or text, 1737. It is free, anytime, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to talk with a trained counsellor.

Our staff at Waikanae Funeral Home recognise that the death of a loved one is difficult at the best of times. We know the value of a funeral and deeply understand that any restrictions can be very distressing, we will work with you to provide the best possible farewell for your loved one.

Burials and Cremations

Level 4

Burials and cremations can still take place, with dignity and respect, but sadly only the funeral director and cemetery staff are permitted to be present. Unfortunately no family members would be allowed to attend at this time.

We encourage families to consider holding a memorial service at a later time when restrictions allow.

Level 3

Only 10 people can attend a burial or cremation at level 3, this limit does not include the funeral director or celebrant/minister (updated 07/09/21). Family members are asked to keep a 2m distance from anyone not in their immediate bubble, refrain from any physical contact and wear a face covering.

Level 2

100 people can attend a funeral service and this limit does not include any staff or celebrant/minister. Family members are still required to keep a 2m distance from anyone not in their immediate bubble and refrain from any physical contact. Attendees will be required to scan in using the QR code AND sign our register. (updated 22/9/21)

For any further information or specific questions please do not hesitate to contact your funeral director.

Memorial Services

There is enormous value for families and friends in holding a memorial service.  If someone you love dies while we are under any alert level,  we strongly encourage you to consider planning for a delayed memorial service.  This means that although the burial or cremation will take place now, we can work with you to plan the memorial service for later.  We will do everything we usually do in guiding you through your options and, when we are able to set a date, will ensure you can have the opportunity to remember and mourn appropriately.

Our process during lockdown

(These requirements are imposed upon us by NZ Government and The Ministry of Health)

We take the health and wellbeing of our staff and client families very seriously.  With the current unprecedented measures taking place to reduce the spread of Covid19, below are the measures we are implementing to support our staff and the community.

Transfer Arrangements

When someone dies and you make that first call to us, in addition to our usual questions we will likely ask if the cause of death is known to reduce any risk of infection.  Where possible, prior to our arrival, we encourage those present to say their goodbyes as we will require the room/facility to be vacated when we transfer your loved one into our care.  This is for our safety and yours.

Our staff will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and will observe physical distancing. Additional safety measures may also be taken if an infection is suspected.  Again, these measures are for the protection of all involved and a  Ministry of Health transfer requirement.


Burial or Cremation Arrangements

We will conduct all arrangements remotely using technology (phone, email, facetime, Skype etc) during level 4 and as far as possible in level 3.

We will work with you to make this time as easy as possible given the current restrictions.

Under Level 2 we can conduct arrangements at our funeral home however it will be a requirement for all visitors to wear a mask and sign and scan in.



It will be dependent on current Covid 19 level restrictions as to whether or not viewings of the deceased will be possible at the funeral home. As at 3rd September 2021, viewings at Level 4 can take place however there are some very strict conditions with this, including the funeral director being fully vaccinated (which our staff are). Your funeral director will be able to provide more information.

At level 3 we are currently permitted to schedule viewings of your loved one at our funeral home. This must be done by appointment only and each viewing must only be attended by members of the same bubble.

Delta Level 2 currently allows for viewings to take place either at our funeral home, at a private residence or at a church or marae. Your funeral director will have detailed information on your chosen location.

While we want entry to our Funeral Home to be a free and friendly place, a requirement by NZ Government for all who enter our facilities is, they must sign a contact trace register (with name and one method of contact i.e. address, phone number or email address) and scan the QR Code provided. We also ask that you sanitise your hands on entry and wear a mask while in the building.

NB Personal information is only held for 3 months before destruction and will only be used for contact trace requirements should that be necessary by the Ministry of Health.


We are committed to providing our families with outstanding service in the weeks and months ahead.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how the situation might affect your specific circumstances, please contact our office on 04 2936844 so we can assist further.

Please take care and be kind to each other.

If you or your family have immediate concerns relating to Covid19, please call the dedicated Covid-19 Healthline on 0800 358 5453 or visit the Ministry website here