Choices to make

As part of our role as funeral directors, we fulfil two services. Firstly taking care of the legal requirements relating to the death, and secondly, carrying out the family’s wishes.
Burial or cremation

While the service part of a funeral can be the same for burial or cremation, it is important that the deceased gets the send-off they always wished for. In most cases this is made clear in a will or the family has had prior discussions. If you are unsure discuss the options available with our staff to help make that decision.


Traditionally, burials were the most common choice and are still popular today. A grave is a special place where families can return to pay their respects. If burial is your preferred option, keep in mind there will be a cost for purchasing a plot, along with preparation and maintenance costs.  You may also wish to purchase a memorial or headstone.  People can only be buried in a registered burial site as designated by New Zealand law.

Natural and eco-burial sites are a growing trend in New Zealand. These sites are limited and have some criteria around how you can be buried. Our staff can advise you further if this is an option you wish to investigate. Our local natural burial sites are in the Makara Cemetery, Wellington and the Otaki Cemetery.


There are no restrictions on placement cremated remains.  Ashes may be placed in a plot at the cemetery, scattered, kept in memorial urns, keepsake jewellery, or even divided between people or places. Choosing to cremate is often a more cost-effective option.

We have installed our own state of the art crematorium in the Waikanae Cemetery.

Our crematorium equipment has been sourced from Matthews corporation, Florida, USA. Matthews Corporation is a company with passion for the environment and a global leader in emission filtration and controls.  All ashes are all returned in eco-friendly bio-degradable containers.


We live in a world of travel.  Sometimes loved ones die while away from their homes. Repatriating a loved one can be a stressful experience whether it be from overseas or to another location within New Zealand.  We provide a full repatriation services and have the expertise to liaise with all Embassies, travel agencies, airlines, International Customs and local councils to ensure that your loved one is returned home or to your preferred location as efficiently as possible.

We have a network of preferred funeral service providers throughout New Zealand and overseas to assist with repatriations to or from any destination.